Re: [orca-list] orca out of the box

I beg to differ on the usability of Karmic. I'm actually running it here with no trouble. The trick is to not remove pulseaudio, but instead bypass it in speech-dispatcher by changing the AudioOutputMethod line so that it says:

AudioOutputMethod "oss"

Using the OSS emulation in ALSA seems to bypass pulseaudio entirely, even if it's integrated into the ALSA configuration. That being said, I do have a SoundBlaster Live installed here as well, so that may be contributing somewhat to my more positive experience. Also, having come from all the bugs I used to experience in Windows using Jaws about 7 years ago and having started out with Slackware Linux on the command line with no hope of using the graphical interface at the time, I guess I'm used to the seemingly smaller number of workarounds I have to use to make Karmic work, which is definitely better than what we had access to when we first got Gnopernicus. Regressions, unfortunately, are a part of software development. I just try to report the problems I have and hopefully they will be fixed in the near future. We certainly have a better response than Jaws users did when Windows 95 was released and there was no Jaws that was compatible with it until late 1996, even though Jaws was finally somewhat stable on Windows 3.1 at the time. Any breakage in Linux/GNOME/Orca seems to be met with quick responses and fixes, and nothing seems to break so bad that a year and a half goes by without a fix or even basic compatibility, unlike what happens if Microsoft/Freedom Scientific/GW Micro breaks something.

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