[orca-list] TinyMCE and Orca?

Has anyone successfully used the TinyMCE javascript editor with Orca? A web-based freelancing site for whom I do a bit of paying work recently switched away from forms to TinyMCE as its primary input method. Needless to say that I'm rather upset with the webmasters and am poking them vigorously yet diplomatically to have a preference for forms fallback, but I figured I'd try working this one from both ends.

A quick google seems to suggest that some accessibility work has gone into TinyMCE, but most of that seems to focus on keyboard navigation and not on reporting information correctly to AT. Or, rather, most of the back-patting seems to indicate so.

So has anyone gotten it working with Orca, or looked at what the blockers might be? The main issue seems to be that Orca doesn't see text areas. I've looked at the HTML source, and there seems to be a <textarea/> element followed by a few buttons on the page where MCE is being run. Orca sees the buttons but not the textarea, leading me to believe that MCE is hijacking the DOM and replacing <textarea/> with its own controls. As a temporary fix, I've tried writing a Greasemonkey script to delete any <script/> elements with src containing tiny_mce, but that doesn't appear to work. I'm guessing it's already loaded at the point where GM kicks in.

So is there nothing else I can do, other than repeatedly ranting at this webmaster for springing these major changes onto us and not giving me an accessible option?

Grrr. So much for the web being an enabling media. Not sure why perfectly accessible forms aren't good enough. Want a word processor? Use one then.</rant> Sorry for ranting, it's just incredibly frustrating when people just run over accessibility and make me responsible for fixing it or figuring it out when that should be the web dev's job, and when I lose a paycheck because of it.

Nolan Darilek

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