[orca-list] Updating orca?

Hi. I have had many problems trying to get orca to work properly with various distros of Ubuntu on my net book (Acer aspire 1). I am currently using EasyPeasy linux and though orca still crashes quite a bit at least wireless works out of the box.
I just want to update orca to the latest version so I can check whether this makes things any better for me but I believe it is integrated in to the gnome desk top so I need to update the entire thing?
This may not be a bad idea any way but I can not see an option to update the gnome desk top when I use the "update manager" or the "cynaptic package manager"
I am assuming I can type something in the terminal like "sudo apt -get apt -update orca" but I am very new to this so could someone possibly correct me regarding the syntax to use?
I also want to practice more and use the terminal but as orca seems to be quite unstable I usually don't get very far so if any-one can recommend a good distro that I can boot from a USB stick with instructions of how to launch orca that would be great (preferably something that has been tested on similar net book).

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