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I'm not sure what you tried to do, so I'll describe the process I used to install Cepstral Callie on my system.

First, I downloaded the tar file from the web site. There are two ways to unpack the file from within gnome-terminal:

- tar xzf <filename.tar.gz>


- gunzip <filename.tar.gz>
 tar xf <filename.tar>

In this case, <filename.tar.gz> is the name of the file you downloaded from Cepstral. For Callie, <filename.tar.gz> = Cepstral_Callie_i386-linux_5.1.0.tar.gz

Note that you can use tab to complete the filename when you use any of the commands above. Once you complete either of the commands above, there will be a new subdirectory with the same name as the file, minus the "tar.gz" extension.

cd into the new directory. In that directory, type the following:

sudo ./

this will start the script that will install the voice and the swift engine to run the voice. The default location for the installation is /opt/swift, but you can change this if you need. The script will test the installation, but it is always a good idea to test the voice yourself. To do this, at the command line (assuming you installed into /opt/swift/), type:

/opt/swift/bin/swift -n <name> "Hello world"

where <name> is the name of the voice you are testing. For instance, I typed:

/opt/swift/bin/swift -n Callie "Hello world"

You should hear the voice say "Hello world". If not, you've got a problem with the installation.

To register the voice (assuming you've purchased a license), type:

/opt/swift/bin/swift --reg-voice

You will be prompted for information that you gave during the purchase as well as for the voice name and the key that they sent you.

Once you have the voice working correctly, you need to install the gnome-speech-swift package:

sudo apt-get install gnome-speech-swift

Once this has completed, you should be able to use the Orca Preferences/Speech tab to change the speech server to the swift server and configure the voice settings. If you do not find the swift speech server in Orca Preferences, you need to edit (as root)the file /etc/ and add the line


at the end of the file. Once you have saved the file, as root, you need to run ldconfig. This is described on the Orca wiki:

Good luck,


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hello there,

I am trying to install a couple of the Cepstral voices for Orca on a
ubuntu system.  I put the files in "/home/scot/(name of voice_" and when
I do a cd to get to the cepstral directory it says the directory isn't
there.  Do you have to set permissions or am I just putting these in the
wrong location?


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