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Hey folks,
Sorry for the mix-up; I first sent this with my other account.
Apologies to the moderator.
PS. any ideas on my manual configuration for partitioning would be appreciated
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Subject: [orca-list] Help with Installing Ubuntu

Hey folks,
I know this isn't directly about Orca, however, I was getting stuck during part four of the install. I first installed Ubuntu with in Windows, but ran into problems (Windows stopped booting).
What I am asking is on the manual choice of partitioning what options should I use? I have a 250 Gig drive that's partitioned into 3 partitions. The first is a 100 Gig partition with Windows XP (ntfs). The second partition is 40 Gigs undefined. The third is another 100 Gig partition for data (ntfs).
I want to install Ubuntu on the second 40 Gig partition and have a duel boot with XP. I want the third partition to be accessible to both Ubuntu and XP for reading and writing data.
Is the manual option the best choice or can I accomplish this with the first option of resizing? Again the partitions are already in place. Should I go and format the second partition before installing. I have Partition Magic. Should I set up 36 Gigs as X3 and the remaining 4 Gigs as swop?
Sorry for the long post; any help would be appreciated.

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