Re: [orca-list] Live regions and XUL?

Hi Milan:

I looked at this quickly, and a bit at the Orca scripts/toolkits/Gecko/ code. We might be running into a situation where Orca was designed to work with ARIA toolkits (e.g., Dojo) and we didn't have a chance to work with other things that inject ARIA attributes in the hierarchy.

I'll see if I can chase it down more,


Milan Zamazal wrote:
"WW" == Willie Walker <William Walker Sun COM> writes:

    WW> 1) Run accerciser and monitor all the events from Firefox to see
    WW> what happens when you perform the user action above.

It seems events are emitted for both HTML and XUL.  Here are Accerciser
logs from HTML (several presses of Enter key chaning live region text)
and XUL (timer changing the live region context):


My testing HTML page is here:


  Orca live region test

press me
original text


    WW> 2) Enable full debugging in Orca
    WW> ( and see what events it is
    WW> getting when you perform the user action above.

Here is Orca debug output for the HTML test:


The logs are from gnome-orca 2.23.90.  The same behavior happens with
svn trunk.


Milan Zamazal

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