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Hello to all,
I guess you will apologize the unusual cross posting, but I think in
this case it is necessary:
I think Veli-Pekka was known in both lists.
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Hi all,

Sorry this isn't good news, but I received the following in a
newsletter today from Dolphin:

"Sad loss of a dear colleague
On Friday 10th October, Dolphin received the tragic news of the sudden
death of Veli-Pekka Tatila.

Aged only 24, Veli-Pekka was immensely talented.  His contributions to
Dolphin and his support for other Dolphin software users spanned many
years and included; beta testing, contributing to the Dolphin forums
and more recently as Dolphin's Script writer.
Veli-Pekka will be greatly missed here at Dolphin and our thoughts and
condolences remain with Veli-Pekka's family at this tragic time."

Really devostating news; I will miss his messages for sure.


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