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I have also tried running Opensolaris but the problem is that my soundcard, which is a Realtek is not 
supported so I am not able to install it.
I would really be interested in trying this out, but I am not able to.
I also hope that more sound cards will be supported.
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On 2008-11-22 at 12:44 mike wrote:

Hi, I got open solaris to run on a older computer. It is a great system,
but here are three things I found.
My main problem is that no sound card I tried was supported other than my
USB speakers. Even my soundblaster live that works with everything didn't
Second, the add remove software seems to be accessible, but all I heard
was updating packages. I waited several minutes and never did hear
anything else.
Last, and this is probably just a difference from what I was use to. In
the user account settings, I didn't see a tab for setting user privileges,
or a setting to tell if the user is a administrator or desk top user.
  Other than that the system seems very good. But is anything going to be
done to support more soundcards. With out that support a lot of people
will not be able to use this system.
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