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Hi All:

I agree that gnome-speech is not an ideal solution for some of the reasons that Halim lists. It does, however, tend to work and requires little effort on the part of the end user to get it going.

I would certainly welcome a replacement for gnome-speech that meets user requirements, is reliable, is performant, works with the majority of speech synthesis solutions available today, works on the major operating system distributions, and has a collaboration-oriented team that is willing to support it. SpeechDispatcher definitely has some of these characteristics and it's nice to see people trying it out. It seems to be close.

To take this forward, a great way for your vote to count in the open source world is to do development and become part of the solution. If you want SpeechDispatcher to be *the* solution, you need to make it happen. Contribute. Port it to various platforms. Work on the stability. Work on the ease of configuration. Work on more complex problems, such as terminal-based systems like the SunRay. Take the great ideas that are on paper and realize them in good code. You will become a hero and people will forever speak your name in great reverence.


On Nov 13, 2008, at 6:34 AM, Halim Sahin wrote:

The mentioned audio problem in linux does only ixist because no configuration
was made to reflect accessibility needs.

I think I have written this about 20 times in this list:

Opensound drivers were not free which was the reason for creating
OSS had no softmixing features at this time!!!
Currently a user can play and enjoy his favourite song together with speech
This needs complex configuration because no distribution does a usefull
one at this point.

Currently the biggest problem is gnomespeech.
Orca uses as default gnomespeech to provide speech.
This is not a good solution because
1. It depends on gnome but we want to use the
textconsole as well
2. it doesn't handle soundoutput itself.
All synths must implement their own output methods
This is really bad for endusers.
They want use viavoice wich is (outdated).
It uses oss as default and BTW. does it run under opensolaris?
To use oss apps with orca we have two things.
1. use direct oss compat layer output e. G. through /dev/dsp (wich is the bad

2. Use aoss wrapper wich is should be prefered because of softmixing!!!

The best solution for all problems is Speech-dispatcher.
It has native alsa output and works great for me on all my machines

my drivers are:
snd-hda-intel, snd-emu10k1, snd-intel8x0 snd-via17xxx, snd-usb-audio.
speech-dispatcher plays the speechoutput and doesn't relay on synthesis output stuff.

I am voting for
1. using speech-dispatcher as default speech system under orca.
2. Distributions shouldn't try to route sound of speechsystems through soundservers like

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