Re: [orca-list] Are list memberws using different distros

I use slackware. This does need either a braille display or a hardware synthesiser for an accessible install. Whilst speakup is a kernel patch, it doesn't require you to compile your kernel, some distros (eg. slackware ( or grml ( come with kernels with speakup already compiled in. As an extra note about GRML, although it uses speakup on the CD, you don't need a hardware synth to use it as it comes with all the software for using speakup with a software synth.
Another alternative if you have access to more than one computer is to do a remote install via telnet, ssh or even a serial console. I don't know too much about these options as I am fortunate enough to have both a hardware synth and a braille display.
Michael Whapples
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Subject: [orca-list] Are list memberws using different distros

Hi folks,
I am seriously considering Ubuntu, but I know that a number of you are using distros tha  are not Ubuntu. Can i ask how do you install these without speech. I know some of you also create your own kernals - advanced stuff for me smile, but how is the done?

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