Re: [orca-list] thunderbird no longer accessible?

Hi, Joanie,

I only allow gecko to control the carat when writing a message--I switch back and forth between Orca and gecko control because both have their problems. When reading messages, I only allow Orca to control the carat.


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Subject: Re: [orca-list] thunderbird no longer accessible?

Hi Dave.

Sorry, I spoke too soon. I can't read messages, although I can move around
in the mailbox and message lists again.  Joanie, I'll send a debug.out

Drat!  I'll look forward to seeing that debug.out.  However, I'm
wondering, is there any chance that you're allowing Gecko to control the
caret rather than Orca?  When Gecko controls the caret in Thunderbird,
all bets are often off depending on the message.  When I have Orca
controlling the caret, I'm able to read and compose both plain text and
HTML messages as expected (i.e. Orca reads what it should).

Take care and thanks again!

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