Re: [orca-list] Gnome-Speech Choppiness

Steve Holmes <steve holmesgrown com> writes:

This may have been talked about before but can't remember for sure.  I'm 
using gnome-speech with Espeak 1.37 and notice a lot of choppiness 
especially when disk activity is going on.  I built Espeak with 
portaudio V19 and use ALSA for sound support; I believe gnome-speech 
uses OSS so if that is the case, then I'm using the OSS emulation layer 
for ALSA.  Did someone say at some point that perhaps portaudio V18 
would be less choppy?  I'll tell you, if you wanna hear this choppiness 
and distorted speech, set gnome-speech to use espeak and then go burn a 
CD with Brasero and listen to what happens.

You can try rebuilding Espeak with portaudio v18, but I don't know
what's recommended for Slackware. V18 is recommended for Debian and
V19 is for Suse and Solaris. So what about Slackware?

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