Re: [orca-list] Thoughts on a "list of elements" feature forOrca in Firefox

Yeah but it doesn't differentiate between edit boxes, checkboxes, buttons,
combos, etc.  So for very complex forms with multiple editboxes, checkboxes,
and buttons, it is much more combersum with a single command to jump between
form elements.  Many times, I want to go the submit button and skip all the
edit boxes especially if they're already filled in.

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Hmm, isn't there a "goto next form control" key in orca (orcaKey+tab I
though I'm not at a linux box right now)...
-- Rich

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Sounds good in it its proposed form.  It sounds like something that
could be extended by someone in the future if they wanted to.  You
mentioned the situation of going to say the 150th link; I'm really not
sure how one would quickly get to that specific link given the present
proposed design however.

What I'd probably use more than a link list would be expanded
structural navigation keys to include specifying the type of control
or form element desired.  For example, a form might have 23 edit boxes
and you want to get to the button that follows, you currently would
have to tab through the 23 edit controls first.  It would be nice to
hit a single key to go to the next button or if hotkeys come up short,
we could use a two-key system where the first button specifies "find a
control" and the second would specify the control type.

On Wed, May 21, 2008 at 07:13:57PM +0200, Marco Zehe wrote:
Hi all,

I've given the possible list of elements (for example list of links)
feature some thought and would like to share it with you all to see what
you think.

First off, let me clarify that I think Orca could really benefit from at
least a list of links. Others that are offered by other screen readers,
such as a list of headings, are not so imminently necessary IMO because
Orca provides access to these already with structural navigation, both
by any heading and by certain heading levels. However, a list of links
has no real equivalent in Orca's structural navigation, and I personally
find the Firefox search not as effective as I find a list of links when
I'm on Windows.

So now for the look of the actual list: I would think it makes sense to
put this into a kind of dialog box that contains a tree table which
contains the name of the link (screen name, alt or title, whatever
Firefox provides) in the first column, and the URL in the second column.
The reason I think an URL should be presented in an easily accessible
fashion is because there are still enough pages that don't properly mark
up links, and sometimes the URL is the only reliable way to find out
what the link is about.

The left and right arrows should move between cells in any given row as
usual (e. g. in Nautilus' file list view).

When typing in letters, like is usual in Gnome tree tables, a search
should be performed. When typing and a match is found, Orca should speak
the result that would be activated. If using braille, Orca should show
the full link's name (contents of the first column) to the right of the
cursor  where one types the search. That way, even when only using
braille, one can read immediately whether the desired link has already
been found.

ENTER should activate an "Activate link" button, close the dialog, focus
and activate the link, and thereby let the user navigate to the desired
destination page.

In addition, a second control, possibly labelled "Focus link", should be
provided, which allows the user to focus, but not activate, the link
(for example in order to pull up its context menu). We could also think
of a keystroke like SHIFT+ENTER or something else that would activate
this button without having the user to tab to it. Or we could just make
sure it has an easily rememberable access key.

ESCAPE should close the dialog obviously, without causing any change.

I am not sure we'd need radio buttons to filter by visited, unvisited,
or all links, or to sort in alphabetical or tab order, as offered by
other screen readers. I find myself never using these at all. If I want
to explore the page, I usually do it by reading the page in whole, not
by simply arrowing through its links. I personally use the links list
ron pages I know well and know that I want to go to link 150 quickly and
activate it.

Any thoughts?

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