Re: [orca-list] Thoughts on a "list of elements" feature for Orca in Firefox

On Fri, May 23, 2008 at 12:56:39PM +0530, Krishnakant Mane wrote:
I was actually going to suggest the same thing.
it not just speeds up the things as you rightly suggested but afterall
free software culture implies that all parties work in an eco system
so if this becomes an extention then no matter what screen reader is
used it will still work the same way and user need not learn different
set of keystrokes for different screen readers.

I proposed this earlier in the discussion; someone complained that it would
require the user to install the extension in addition to Orca. However, I
think it is perfectly reasonable to require installation of the extension,
since this is, after all, additional functionality that is not needed in order
to use Firefox effectively with Orca (or any other access solution).

It might even be possible to write a script that could be integrated with Orca
to ensure that the extension is loaded.
I would suggest the forms element list more important than the links
one because some forms are pritty complex to handel 

The extension should also have the option of activating Axsjax whenever a Web
page for which an Axsjax script exists is loaded.

If this proposed extension extends Firefox directly rather than being
implemented in Orca, it has the advantage of being able to invoke Axsjax and,
potentially, other accessibility-related tools.

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