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You were in the correct place when you used "sudo network-admin". The first step, though, is to enable the wireless card. Once that is done, you can configure the settings.

Sorry, can't give you much more at the moment since I don't have my laptop with me.

Hope this helps,


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Subject: [orca-list] Wireless setup assistance with orca

Hi all.

Yesterday I wrote to the list asking how to use a gui tool
and orca how to configure wireless on my laptopl and the
only response was to ask if my wireless card is setup in
Actually the response wasn't to me it was to someone else.
So without sounding harsh can anyone offer any assistance on
how to configure wireless in ubuntu using orca or don't many
people on the list use wireless?
I've gone in to a terminal and typed in
sudo net-admin
or whatever the network admin tool is called and couldn't
find anything in the tool for configuring wireless.
All I want to do is to setup my wireless profile to connect
to my wireless access point.
If this list is not where this question should be posted,
could someone tell me where I should post this question or
somewhere I should start looking?
Google didn't find much info that I could get any use out
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks all.
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