Re: [orca-list] Orca and Administration in Ubuntu 8.04 steps.

On Mon, 19 May 2008, Alastair Irving wrote:


I'm not sure I agree with some of your permision changes.  In particular,
doesn't putting /etc/sudoers to 777 make it readable writable and executable
by everyone?  Then, since sudoers controls who can do what with sudo, surely

Yes, he should have changed it back to 440.
Perhaps he got this info off a message I posted a few days ago and left that part out.

Turning our attention to /etc/sudoers, first allow write access to this

chmod 777 /etc/sudoers
Edit this file using nano by typing:

nano /etc/sudoers
Arrow down to the line containing the words: "env_reset". Just after this

And perhaps comment it out with a # sign.

type exit to return to your own user account.
Change to your home directory by typing:

Create another .orbitrc file:


Change to the root account by typing su then hit enter
Restart orca with root privlidges:

orca --no-setup --disable main-window
Orca will start and welcome you however will not speak yet. Press alt f1,
left once, down twice, right once then up seven times to software sources
and press enter. (Confused? ) Don't be. it's something you'll ge tuse to.
You will be prompted for your password. Type the same password as you used

Hey, I am confused, what are you doing?
What's wrong with starting everything from the cli with sudo and just editing /root/.orbitrc and /etc/sudoers?

Daniel Dalton
<d dalton iinet net au>

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