Re: [orca-list] Still no punctuation while cursoring in firefox

am So 11. Mai 2008 um 11:29:47 schrieb Garrett Klein <garrettklein comcast net>:

3893, with sd-0.6.6 and espeak-1.36.02.

Could I be running the system-installed orca-2.22.1 and not realizing
it? I typed /usr/local/bin/orca into the run application dialog and
tested, still no dashes ETC when arrowing in focus tracking mode while
in firefox.
What's the result of:
whereis orca
If there are two binaries, you should clean up your installation.
The default path of Orca is /usr/bin, but unfortunately the source packages 
get installed into /usr/local/bin if you don't specify a path in the 
./ command:
./ --prefix=/usr
If you have been make sure to start the very latest Orca, and you 
experience still the same behavior, I might be wrong and the patch hasn't 
be submitted.

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