[orca-list] date and time as well as system administration with orca?


Well, I have spent a little while on the wiki, I'm currently using thunderbird and it seems to work nicely, but 2 things I like the sound of I can't get working:

- Can someone attach their orca-customizations.py script so I can have a hotkey for date and time? I don't have braille so its hard to check the indentation and it doesn't seem to say the time after following the instructions on the orca site.

Question 2:
- How do I setup sysadmin?
I read that a ~/.orbitrc file must be created? Is this correct? (for root)
Then what lines should it contain?
(and how should the indentation be?)
I had trouble with the instructions from the website again, and would like to be able to use my graphical desktop more often.

Thanks for any help!



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