Re: [orca-list] Hardy, Inaccessible Battery Recall Notification?

am Mo 05. Mai 2008 um 15:43:22 schrieb Al Puzzuoli <alpuzz gmail com>:
I have been using Hardy on my Thinkpad T43 for several weeks now.  yesterday, I  had a sighted person with 
me when I first logged into the system.  I  found out that immediately after logging in, a very obvious 
message was being displayed, warning me that my machine's battery may have been recalled.   I know my 
battery is alright, so we checked the do not show again box, pressed ok, and the message no longer appeared 
after that.  Although this message has obviously been appearing at each login until yesterday, it seems 
that it is completely undetectable by Orca.  Is this a known issue?  If not, where should the bug go?
You have to check a checkbox in the Orca preferences menu in the general 
tab. Unfortunately I don't know its exact name in English, but it must be 
something like tool-tip, bouble-help or mini-help. If checked you should 
here the announcements.

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