Re: [orca-list] Looking for testers for the latest fix to bug #520494.


Jan Buchal  wrote:
Are read in my orca settings. I have last svn snapshot of orca and I use
speech dispatcher with festival output. So it works without your patch.

With espeak output not works. It works with your patch only.

Huh guys I am now totaly confused or lost or something. I simply don't know what to say. With the patch it works well for me. I am using Espeak through speech-dispatcher. I have also tested with gnome speech and I think expanding characters to their names is not necessary in gnomespeechfactory because that was always working great.

After reading this comment by mr Buchal I am afraid the problem might be somewhere in the speech-dispatcher, espeak or festival or something else than Orca. Or festival simply treats all strings with length of 1 as characters and does the correction it-self where Orca fails.

With increasing number of comments posted to the bugtracker this reveals too many issues I haven't realised yet. I will start comparing it on monday as I am using ubuntu regularly during week-dasy only.

thanks for all the comments


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