Re: [orca-list] Apps not working with Orca

Hi Steve, Ian,

The way we normally handle this is to get people to initially file
the bug against Orca. When we evaluate it, if it's a bug in another
application, we can file it and block the Orca bug against.

We can also determine if there is a workaround we can do
in Orca via scripting.

So, in short, please file all bugs like this against Orca first.

Note that it's CSUN next week, so the Orca team will not be
able to be quite so responsive as we'd like. We'll get to these
bugs eventually though.


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The only bad thing about going that way is some of the issues actually do
apply to Orca.

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>Subject: [orca-list] Apps not working with Orca
>Hi Folks
>Instead of us finding a regression or accessability problem with an app,
>might I suggest that before we move onto a different one, it is reported to
>the owning project?
>However, I'm not sure if the bug should be with the distro or upstream at
>the actual project's own bug list, but wherever I believe we need to let
>people know.
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