[orca-list] Problems with today's Thunderbird

I am having problems with today's build of Thunderbird 3. There is no speech support in the message list, folders list, or when using flat review mode over either of these lists. If I tab between these lists, the only speech feedback I get is the label for "Quick Search text". I can use the arrow keys to move between folders (success in this is indicated by the title bar), but can't open any messages in the message list.  Menus are accessible, however. Is anyone else seeing this problem?
Most recent nightly build of Firefox is working as well as would be expected.
I am using svn trunk for atk/gail/at-spi/orca, all up-to-date as of this morning. Thunderbird 3 is the most recent nightly build.  I'm using Ubuntu Gutsy on a desktop machine.

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