[orca-list] issue with SayAll


Was wondering if someone might have some ideas to help me to get back 
the read document functionality.

capslock+semicolon only seems to read the current line, and never seems 
to go on to read the rest of the document.
deleted my .orca directory and configured orca again, but that doesnt 
seem to solve the problem.
running UK keyboard, so changed to US to see if that had any effect, and 

The funny thing is that i am running exactly the same setup on a desktop 
machine (atk, gail at-spi and orca, all from trunk) and i am not having 
the same problem when the keyboard is set to laptop mode.

capslock+semicolon doesnt work in ff3 nor in gedit or oo-writer (on the 

I also tried to reassign SayAll to diffrent key combination, with same 

Any ideas of what else to try?

Thank you


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