[orca-list] United.Com Flight Search

I'm noting very curious behavior on "Search By Schedule" results from
united.com using FF3. I can never get to the actual search results.

*       Using 'o' doesn't help because Orca reports "No large objects."

*       Navigating with down arrow works, but only until I get to the
*       line with the Search button. At that instant I'm thrown back to
*       top of page--the beginning of United's navbar links.

*       If instead I use 'h' header navigation, I do get to my search
*       results, but I can only see the first result; because there's a
*       "Continue" button that acts as poisonously as the "Search"
*       button. Getting close to it throws me back to the top of Search
*       Results.

*       Using 'h' again takes me to return flight options. This time the
*       listing of quite complete, and I can even arrow up to get more
*       outbound options, howbeit backwards.

Unfortunately, selecting flights seems nontrivial though possible.
However, getting to the next screen to start booking a trip has eluded
me so far.

Question: What's the story with the poisonous Submit buttons? Seems this
site might be one to report via FF bad site reports, if indeed even an
ADA complaint.



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