Re: [orca-list] Running a patch

On Wed, 18 Jun 2008, Mike Reiser wrote:


Just saw a comment to a bug I submitted and it has a patch attached. I'm new to linux, and was wondering how to apply this patch? I'm using orca-2.22.2

First, check out the source code from svn (the bleeding edge) so the
latest, the trunk.
Just follow instructions on the orca site.

Then cd to your source trunk...
(the dir where you would run and make from)
Then just run:
patch -p0 < filename
Where filename is the name of your patch.

A patch is a way to basically add code in certain spots to files...
So for example, it could edit the firefox script on line 699 and would
find this by looking for text near where it applies.
So, they can go out of sync...

man patch for more details.

Daniel Dalton
<d dalton iinet net au>

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