Re: [orca-list] Connecting to a wireless network using Orca

Hi Herrmann,
Thanks for the tips. Does this work for Ubuntu as well? Debian is not
usable on the Eee yet and it'll probably take a while until the drivers
for network, sound and Wi Fi cards are included if that should ever

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Hi all,
No sorry, I don't know which channel the network uses and it is WPA 
encrypted. Does the Network-Admin tool work? Thanks!

It should, dependant on the Debian you use. You must at least have a
file called .orbitrc in your root's directory. To check out what you
need to use such tools you must have admin privileges visit:
Note: Perhaps you mustn't do all the steps explained there, but at least
that .orbitrc file is needed. When everything is set up correctly, open
a Gnome terminal and type: sudo network-admin You will be asked for your
user password, and then the admin tool shows up. Check whether your wlan
is listed and then start configuring it.
Note: I cannot give you details on this, since I don't use wlan. Hermann

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