Re: [orca-list] odd sysadmin behaviour


If your machine uses sudo, you have to add
   Defaults:YOUR_USERNAME  env_keep=GTK_MODULES
to your sudo configuration.
Use the visudo programm to do this.
Reading info page sudoers might be useful.

On Mi, Jul 16, 2008 at 06:54:59 +0200, Jann Schneider wrote:
Hi all,

i have some odd behaviour of orca with sysadmin stuff: i have a .orbitrc  
file in my users home directory containing just the line

and a .orbitrc file in /root containing

Now the strange thing is that i can only access sysadmin apps when  
running them from the GUI. When i rry to launch any of them from the cli  
i just get some anoying warnings / errors / criticals ...
Is there anything wrong with my .orbitrc files or just something else i  
have to configure on the hardy box to get sysadmin apps also work when  
launched via console?

BR Jann

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