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This is where the conflict begins.  I'm hearing two conflicting orders
here.  Last week, I had a mess of my system because things were
somehow compiled/built in the wrong order or something; I had all
kinds of problems with Orca.  I followed once sequence later on and
managed to get things right and the gnome and orca worked fine.  I
then heard Willie's suggested order so rebuilt the stuff along with
the updates from svn and things still work OK but there must be a
defined order hear due to the dependencies in place.  I think the only
time it wouldn't matter much is if they were all stand-alone packages
using shared libraries loaded dynamically.  But if any of them use
stuff from another installed package that's already installed, then
this order is important.  I originally thought the order was more like
yours specified here but am not really sure now.  The README files
don't mention these packages specifically so it is not obvious.

On Thu, Jan 31, 2008 at 07:35:31AM +0100, Bohdan R. Rau wrote:

Dnia 28-01-2008, pon o godzinie 08:45 -0500, Willie Walker pisze:
1) The AT-SPI defines the overall API and provides the overall support 
for the infrastructure, so at-spi need to be built first.

From at-spi.spec (old 1.20 version):

BuildRequires:  atk-devel >= 1:1.20.0
BuildRequires:  gail-devel >= 1.20.0

So I think at-spi should be built after gail and atk.


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