Re: [orca-list] Using Orca with Braille only

Hi.  You will need to upgrade to at-spi 1.21 before you can run Orca from SVN.
I would suggest installing The Orca 2.20.3 package in unstable first and getting things working before trying 
to run bleeding edge software.
apt-get install gnome-orca should do it.
You can run Orca's setup from the console by typing orca -t as your normal user.  
Once you have ORca configured, you can start it by pressing alt-f2 and typing orca <enter> after your Gnome 
session starts.
You can set up Orca to start automatically by going to Preferences/Universal access/assistive technologies.  
In preferred apps, choose Orca.
Be aware you will need to use the keyboard to control the output of Orca on your Braille display.  There are 
very few Orca commands mapped to the Braille display.

Hope this helps.

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