[orca-list] orca not reading dialogs in fresh ubuntu 7.10 desktop

Last night i did an installation of Ubuntu 7.10 desktop. I've clearly done something wrong, it's not happy. First of all i couldn't get it to talk, so i brought in the eyes and we went through it again. This time i got f5, selected screen reader and continued. When the live CD loaded i did not get speech, to get speech i had to go to run, and enter orca. I then had speech, but when i went to the desktop and hit install, the installation box came up but orca wouldn't read it. I mean it's like it was a blank screen. So, i aborted that install and had assistance with it. Basically the box is up, but orca still isn't happy. I can log in, go to run, start orca, it does great reading the desktop, or terminal. My issue is my network card was not detected during installation or i should say configured. I went terminal, and su-d to root, and then entered network-admin. This brought up another of those dialogs that again orca acted as if there was a blank screen. Both of the above tell me i do not have a working system. Two possibilities i can think of, please feel free to suggest others, one accessibility hooks and options were not enabled by the install, and or two orca/the system needs updates that will resolve these issues.

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