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I have a couple points.  First, why is using the standard clipboard
not as desirable? is it more difficult to implement or something? On
that same point, I would think if the standard clipboard was used, you
would solve the problem of inserting text into a terminal as well as
other editable text areas.

My other question concerns applying patches.  I've applied patches
before and realize that the target bing patched is very specific and
must be a certain version or in a particular state.  What about
applying these patches? What version or state should Orca be in before
applying these? I just pulled an 'svn update' for Orca just about five
minutes ago so is that current enough? I sorta feel like the
application of patches to a continually changing svn trunk is like two
moving targets at once.  I realize the patches are in between svn
checkins but then again other people are checking in changes at the
same time.  

Not complaining or any of that, just trying to hold one of the targets
still while I point and shoot at the other one.:)

BTW, that's some fast work if I may say so.

On Fri, Feb 01, 2008 at 03:33:03PM -0500, Joanmarie Diggs wrote:
Hey guys.

I've been watching this discussion with interest.  I've always thought
it would be cool to be able to copy -- and/or append -- the contents
under flat review for later pasting.  And it seemed easy enough to do.
So I just filed an RFE in bugzilla:

And, better still <grin>, it took all of an hour to implement a first
pass at this.  I just attached a patch to the bug.

Given only one hour, I was not able to figure out two things:

1. How to copy/append the contents under flat review into the actual
   clipboard.  To be honest, I'm not sure that we should do that. If
   everyone feels really strongly that we should, I'll dig a bit deeper
   later.  Instead, I created a special Orca "flat review clipboard".

2. How to insert/paste text into a terminal.  Accessible objects which
   implement the editableText interface have an insertText() method.
   Objects which implement the terminal interface don't seem to have
   such an option.  I'll keep looking.

Here's what I did manage to do, however:

The patch gives you three new "unbound" keybindings:  

1. Copies the contents under flat review
2. Appends the contents under flat review
3. Pastes stored flat review contents

In order to use them, the first thing you need to do is bind them in the
Orca Preferences dialog.  Having done so, you should be able to flat
review to something and copy it or append it to our special new
clipboard.  When you're done, find an editable text area (I tested in
Gedit, OOo Writer, and Evolution so far) and paste it.

Important note.  Scratch that.  Really, really important note <smile>:
As I commented on the bug, "the new keybindings will get added to the
appropriate settings file (e.g.  If you later reverse the
patch or check out a new version of Orca from trunk, Orca will see these
unfamiliar handlers and spit up.  We should probably do something about that. 
In the meantime, either backup your pre-patched or edit out
those bindings when you're finished testing this."

If you're familiar with applying patches and interested in this
functionality, please give the patch a spin and let me know what you
think.  If nothing else, it's a proof-of-concept upon which further
discussion can take place.


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