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Will you please let me know how you get on wih transferring content to your IPod? 

I've done this using Winblows up to now. 

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i have just bought a 16 gig i-pod nano.
at the moment i have it connected to my compaq laptop and the 
laptop is switched on and plugged into the wall socket in my 
i turned the laptop on and ubuntu which is the only operating 
system on it recognised there was an i-pod connected because when 
i went down the list of icons, i-pod was spoken.
i tried to read the i-pod manual in ubuntu after downloading it 
from the internet but orca doesn't seem to read pdf files or not 
by default.
i tried to read the manual which comes with my i-pod on my 
scanner but it doesn't speak very well.
i was trying to find information about how long i should have my 
i-pod on first charge.
a lot of electronic equipment which has rechargable batteries 
tends to advise a tenth or so hour first charge.
how long should i charge it for first charge and also now that 
ubuntu recognises the i-pod as being attached to my laptop does 
it mean that it is good to go so after my first charge i can just 
transfer music files straight away using gtkpod or whatever?
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