Re: [orca-list] Orca and asus eee pc

I installed a normal ubuntu distro on my eepc 901 and after that I
installed the kernel made for it from
Ubuntu worked out of the box for installing with 8.10 and the special
made kernel gives you access to w lan and bluetooth and camera.
With this setup my 901 worked beutiful. I think you also can use
vibuntu and install the special made kernel with good result. I tried
vibuntu live from usb-stick and it worked fine but as I said w lan and
bluetooth doesn't work with normal ubuntu kernel.
the ubuntu-eeepc or what it is called don't work with orca, maybe it
isn't on that cd but I'm not sure. I give up that and installed the
normal 8.10 of ubuntu.
Hope this helps.
Good luck with the install.

2008/12/21, E.J. Zufelt <everett zufelt ca>:
Good afternoon,
Tried installing Eeebuntu today, aparently Orca isn't installed on the live
CD.  Even after I installed it and ran it eSpeak failed with an unexpected

Are there any Linux accessible installs that will work on the Asus eee pc?
I have the eee pc 900ha


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