[orca-list] evolution problem, can't hear words and characters being deleted.

hello hackers.
I have offlate started to use evolution and I am really amaised in the
improvements on its accessibility since I saw it last time.
but I have one major problem.
In the compose box when I type the emails and if I think I have to
delete a word or do backspace for a character, the deleted word or
letter is not echoed back and I don't know what I am deleting.
another problem is that I don't know how to find the 2: and cc: list of
email ids once I open the message for reading.
so once I hit enter on a message I have no idea how to navigate to the
list of other receavers of the same email and unless I hit reply there
is no way I can find this out.
is there some thing I am missing in both these problems?
happy hacking.

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