Re: [orca-list] Run Vibuntu on USB with persistant storage!

On 12/17/2008 07:27 AM, Brad Taylor wrote:
Or is it just a few grumpy old men who disapprove of young
whippersnappers like me babbling enthusiastically about their geekish
Full disclosure:  I'm a "grumpy old man".

Can subscribers let me know what they think. The results will be based
on a democratic vote, the judges decision is final, employees and
relatives of employees are not entitled to enter!

Please don't force us to spam and cross-post on more lists to get an
answer.  The solution isn't difficult:  create a Vibuntu mailing list,
or a Google group, and the people who care can join.

That being said, you should widely announce new Vibuntu releases on relevant mailing lists. That is common practice (as you can see by perusing gnome-accessibility-list archives, for example).

Everything else should go in a Vibuntu mailing list.

Thanks for your enthusiasm,

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