[orca-list] Vibuntu Development Blog

I have set up a Vibuntu Development Blog at http://www.vibuntu.blogspot.com/
for anyone who is interested! I will use this to document the development of
Vibuntu and any relevant issues so that anyone who wants to create their own
accessible remix of Ubuntu, or just modify their existing installation can do
so easily. There is an RSS feed available if anyone wants to be automatically
notified of new posts. I will still post any significant announcements such
as the release of new versions and/or notable improvements on the mailing
lists and forums, as well as continuing to asking for help, advice and
suggestions and providing them when I can. I am planning to have a well
deserved rest over the xmas break so it is unlikely there will be any major
developments until the new year!

Thanks again for everyone's support, advice, suggestions and criticisms!

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