[orca-list] Accessibility issues with Mozilla firefox in The latest development version of Opensuse

Dear master,

I would like to please You, if you would have some time to look at The latest development version of Opensuse. While using F9 key in The boot menu, pressing Enter and booting to Gnome with Orca, when I wanted to start Mozilla firefox, There is dialog box license agreement and Orca is not speaking in this window. Even flat rewiev cursor is not working inside this Window. I pressed some keys which are usually accepting The license agreement, but There was not result.

Do You think, that this accessibility issue wil not exist when I install opensuse on A harddrive? I would like to inform You, that official release of Opensuse could be ready theoretically in The first half of December. So I would like to know, where to post this problem or consult it, if will disappear after installation of Opensuse.

The opensuse development team has done much work and this release has much more better accessibility support than previous official release from June of this year. User is able to press F9 key, enter and Opensuse automatically starts, and what is very important, Festival voice synthesizer has been replaced by Espeak synthesizer. In this distribution, there are included all availablaudio subsystems for Linux. Yast and Control center applications are fully accessible with Orca.

Thank You very much for Your help, but I Am afraid, that it is too late, may be, that core developers of Opensolaris are having enought of tasks related to accessibility and that they will want to relax.


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