Re: [orca-list] audio mixing and speech responsiveness

Hello Halim,
I did at one time set the LD_PRELOAD variable in my profile script but for some reason firefox didn't seem to load when this was done (this was back when firefox 3 was still development versions). I am trying to remember but I think there may have been some other issue (regarding sound or particular apps using oss) so I found it is best jut to use the aoss script on the application itself.

Michael Whapples

On 23/12/42 20:59, Halim Sahin wrote:
On Di, Dez 02, 2008 at 11:13:37 +1100, Jason White wrote:
On my Debian systems, which use Alsa only (no Pulse Audio daemon), I notice
that when multiple Alsa applications are active simultaneously, the sound is
mixed properly. However, if I run an application that uses OSS while an Alsa
application is writing to the audio output, the OSS application receives a
"device or resource busy" error.

What about running the oss application through aoss wrapper?
apt-get install -q alsa-oss
aoss mp3blaster
My solution to this is to avoid OSS applications. They're mostly legacy
programs that haven't been updated for years, and for which newer alternatives
exist that take advantage of Alsa. It helps that I don't run proprietary
speech synthesis engines, some of which use OSS.
Ok I am doing the same here but some times we don't have
newer versions of these apps wich are alsa capable!

There is supposed to be a solution to the OSS/Alsa audio mixing problem that
can be implemented in your ~/.asoundrc file, but I haven't been able to get it
to work. Neither have I devoted much effort to it, however.

The easiest way is to use aoss wrapper (not for speechsynthesis!!).
Another solution is to set LD_PRELOAD variable in your ~/.profile
or ~/.bashrc. Look at the aoss skript!.
This should work for all apps.


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