Re: [orca-list] OpenSolaris

Sounds like your solaris partition does not have the boot flag set. Use a partitioning tool to change this (if you don't have one for windows then there are Linux based LiveCDs with the tools, GRML has parted). The same thing happened to me with RC1. When you have changed the boot partition then you will be using grub for the boot loader and windows should be in the list.

Michael Whapples

On 23/12/42 20:59, Christian wrote:
Hi all,
I have just isntalled the latest RC2 release of Opensolaris. Everything went just fine and I rebooted the 
However, I have a question. Doesn't Opensolaris include some bootloader so that I can boot into Windows or 
When I rebooted the machine I got into windows and there was no boot menu.
I really want to try this out since it was very responsive with Orca when using the Live CD!
Best regards and thanks,

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