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Hi Jose!

Welcome to the list and congratulations on your success with sending e-mail with Orca. Using the version of Evolution that comes with your distribution is fine. In general, we like to keep all things that come with a particular version of GNOME together --- so, Orca v2.22.x for GNOME v2.22.x, Orca v2.23.x for GNOME v2.23.x. Evolution is part of GNOME as well.

Having said that, people do mix-and-match things, such as Orca v2.23.x with GNOME 2.22.x. It's not a practice I support, but people have reported good success with it as long as they grab all the right stuff (e.g., updated ATK, AT-SPI, GAIL, etc.).

In any case, if you're willing to live on the most bleeding edge, giving Ubuntu Intrepid a try will get you the latest versions of the GNOME development builds.


Jose Vilmar Estacio de Souza wrote:
Hi all, I'd like to know if the version of evolution that I'm running is the
recommended version to use with orca.

Actually I'm running version, installed as default when I did
install Ubuntu.

BTW: This is the first e-mail that I send using orca!!!!

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