Re: [orca-list] Live regions and XUL?

"WW" == Willie Walker <William Walker Sun COM> writes:

    WW> I'm not sure, though I suspect the answer is "no". :-( Instead
    WW> of using XUL, have you considered using an ARIA-based toolkit
    WW> such as Dojo?

Yes, we probably will use HTML with ARIA for accessible Firefox
applications.  But we've already got one XUL application and I consider
the cost and benefits of maintaining it further in XUL or switching its
user interface to HTML/ARIA.

"AL" == Aaron Leventhal <aaronlev moonset net> writes:

    AL> You can use an ARIA property in XUL, but whether or not Orca or
    AL> any other screen reader will recognize that and process it is
    AL> another question. You can try it.

Good idea :-).  I tried and it doesn't work unless I did anything wrong.

BTW, when playing with live regions and Orca I don't understand one
thing: Live region contents are read by Orca when they are changed in
timers.  But when I bind the same text changing function to a "button"
(i.e. to an onclick attribute of an HTML element), the change is not
spoken when the button is pressed (and the text changed accordingly),
even when aria-live="rude", and it's not present in the live region
history (Orca+F1).

Is it intended behavior or do I do anything wrong?  If the latter, is
there a working example (from the point of view of Orca reading) of a
live region which is changed as a result of a user action?


Milan Zamazal

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