Re: [orca-list] Orca-list Digest, Vol 31, Issue 26

Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 04:30:44 -0400
From: Storm Dragon 
Subject: Re: [orca-list] accessible login instructions
To: Orca-list 
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A while back I had someone check the enable accessible log in box, but I didn't notice any difference. I 
didn't realize you had to press ctrl-s to get speech to work. So, I tried that this evening and it didn't 
work. So, I went through your instructions. My gdm.conf-custom file was already changed as you describe. So 
I assume step 2 is done as well. 

I'm not an expert, but if you went through the graphical method and the file was modified, that's probably a 
safe assumption.  However, running gdmflexiserver won't hurt even if the changes are already recognized.

With step three, there was an error in your instructions.
In step three you say to edit /etc/groups. This threw me off for a bit, because /etc/groups was opening as 
a new file. It is /etc/group.

Sorry about that.  That's why it's good to have people double-check these things.

I also have a question about adding gdm to the audio permissions. Do you separate it from the rest of the 
list with a , or a :

There was already a comma (,) seperated list for the audio permissions in /etc/group, so I appended comma gdm 
(,gdm) to the end of the list.

A special note should probably be added to point that out.  Sorry about that.  I wasn't thinking; reading 
",gdm" with a screen-reader under most verbosity settings wouldn't make the comma noticeable enough.


Good luck, and I hope these clearifications help out:-)
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