Re: [orca-list] Many Ideas, Issues and Qs: Newb, Very Long

Daniel Dalton wrote:
On Wed, 30 Apr 2008, Veli-Pekka Tätilä wrote:
q2. Can I bind a shortcut key to launch Orca without having to use the
run box for the job? I've looked and Gnome launchers appear to have no
facility to bind hotkeys to them directly, arrtgh.
Why not set up orca to automatically start on log in?
Done that already. But to get the graphical admin tools speaking I need
to restart Orca occasionally. The only one I'm majorly interested in is
Synaptic for adding new end-user software. I've also had sporadic
magnification or speech lockups both of which are cured by a simple
restart of Orca.

q4. I'm not a big fan of Gnome, finding it annoyingly Windows like and
not power user enough, so is Xubuntu accessible with Orca? I've been
What is xubuntu?
If you want to be a good linux administrator, you really should learn the
cli instead of depending on graphical tools...
Well first of all, I'm not saying that Orca should be at all Ubuntu
specific, I just happne to be using Ubuntu and thus use their terms
being new to Linux. I never recall the desktop Xubuntu is based on,
Googled, and it is XFSE, which in turn uses GTK2+ like Gnome does.

Secondly I'm not at all interested in sysadmin stuff, I'm a home user
wanting to use Linux for its apps and power user graphical tools if any,
not for the CLI stuff or for other more technical reasons apart from
better responsiveness and multithreading. The only moed of operation I
like the Cli in is programming. But I do like command languages such as
SQL or Regular Expressions no matter which OS or app.

i1. If you hold down tab in a dialog for a long time  using key repeat,
or do a lot of things, Orca keeps babbling stuff that's not relevant for
tens of seconds. The same goes for holding down backspace in the
terminal. Sometimes, however, this is useful. So howbout an optional
mode that flusshes any content to be spoken when-ever new content comes
about. This would give me the fastest access to the newest information.
Submit a request on bugzilla.
Will do at some point, thanks. I'll have to Google it up first.

on Using arrow like layouts for review mode:
just change the keybindings in the orca prefs.
I'll look into this as well.

Thanks for your help.

With kind regards Veli-Pekka Tätilä (vtatila mail student oulu fi)
Accessibility, game music, synthesizers and programming:

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