Re: [orca-list] Firefox 3 and Fedora 8

Hi, Lars:

I apologize for my slow response on this--I'm just now catching up on
list mail ...

The answer to your dilema is coming soon in the form of Fedora 9, I
think. What you have observed is true. To update to the latest Firefox 3
from the F-9 repositories does now pull in so many files that it's no
longer a practical solution for Fedora 8 users. I will change the
guidance on the web site, because it's no longer true. Very sorry this
has lagged.

The good news, though, is that the pre-releases of Fedora 9 are indeed
working well with both Orca and Speakup now, and the release for Fedora
9 is less than three weeks away. If you use ftp to look at the
SpeakupModified.Org site, you'll notice that we already have iso images
based on Fedora pre-release in place.

The even better news is that you will probably be able to upgrade in
place, meaning you should be able to upgrade your Fedora 8 to 9 without
reinstalling from scratch. 

I will try to get the web site updated to reflect all of this. There are
lots of changes this time, though, and much work to get everything set
up right, including another rewrite of our Installation HOWTO, I'm


Lars Bjørndal writes:
Hello, list!

From, you can read the following:

"Get Firefox 3 

The Speakup Modified is no longer building Firefox 3 packages because
Fedora is building them as part of the development process for the
forthcoming release of Fedora 9, and these Firefox 3 Beta rpm packages
for Fedora 9 work perfectly wellunder Fedora 8."

I tried to update firefox with 'yum --enablerepo=development update
firefox', and I got a huge list of packages that needed to be updated,
including glibc, nss, nspr and more. At last, I got an error:

Error: Missing dependency: perl:(MODULLE_COMPAT_5.8.6) is needed by
package perl_XML-Encoding

Currently, I'm running firefox-3.0-0.b2pre_2007111718.fc8

So what should I do to update firefox on my F8 system?


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