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I'm developing a Metadistro Installer and of course i want it to be accessible.

The thing is that it has to be like a wizard and i'm using a gtk.Notebook to create something similar to a wizard.

The fist tab has a label, and when i start the application Orca doesn't speak the text of the label, here's the code:

    def First_Tab(self):
        step = 1
        frame = gtk.Frame (_("Instalation of %s with accessibility. Step %s") % (DISTRIBUTION_NAME, step))
        frame.set_label_align(1.0, 0.0)

        text = _(
"Wellcome to PAMI. \n\n\n\
\nThis is the first step to install %s in your computer. \n\n\
You need just one thing to have a successful instalation:\n\
\n\t\t*A minimal 3 GB Hard Disck partition with a swap partition\
\n\t\t\twich should be the double of your RAM Memory.\n\
\n\n Let's Start and Good Luck\n") % (DISTRIBUTION_NAME)
        self.label = gtk.Label(text)
        self.label.set_alignment( 0.0, 0.5 )
        self.label.set_mnemonic_widget( frame )
        frame.add (self.label)

Any idea?


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