Re: [orca-list] Problems encountered with gutsy and brltty

When I had this "1 startup problem", I installed brltty 3.8 and this problem 
desappeared (I don't know why).

Best regards

Sérgio Neves
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Hi Sauro,

I have the exact same behaviour that you are experiancing.

If you wish to remove autodetection of display when it is plugged in,
then move
to somewhere for storage, incase you wish to reinstate it later.

You say that orca doesnt seem to work with the display, have you made
sure that orca has been told to use one?
open up the orca preferences menu, and go across to the braille page,
then the first checkbox should be "enable braille support"

Hope you have some luck with this

Let us know how it goes

I'm running feisty, but hopefully it shouldnt be too different under

On Sun 30/09/2007 at 02:49:21, Sauro Cesaretti wrote:
Hello everyone,

I've just tried live cd of butsy with a supervario display  and I still
having the some problems that I had with ubuntu feisty.
The brltty support starts twice and the second time I can read
"1 startup problem" and when I'll reach the graphical interface, orca 
reader doesn't work.
I even made another test, I started the live cd without activating
the accessibility support and the
braille display was disconnected, after that I selected the text console
With ctrl+alt+f1 and
I connected the brialle display
Because I'd like to start brltty manually,
But I noticed that the support was already active.
What does it depend of?
I even saw that in this case, I didn't get the startup problem message.
hope it will help to solve these problems.
Thanks so much  in advance for your support.

Best regards, Sauro

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