[orca-list] ubuntu gutsy beta 1: first impressions and questions

Hi all, I have a few questions regarding installation of gutsy beta 1. Before I ask though, I just want to say congrats to all on the last six months of work on Gnome 2.20. From what I've been able to see so far, I'm very impressed. The voice sounds a heck of a lot better with Espeak, and in Openoffice, the spell-checker now announces what is misspelled, and the context. Now for my questions. 1. Whenever I use apt-get to install anything such as firefox-granparadiso, I get an error that talks about not being able to configure hotkey-setup (failed to start init.d script), and cannot install ubuntu-desktop because it depends on hotkey-setup. Is this why my system sounds aren't playing at startup? 2. How do you enable accessible login? When I press spacebar on the button, I get the password entry, but then nothing reads after that. As always, thanks in advance for any help.



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