[orca-list] top Gnome-panel not speaking correctly

I've finally got a system where I can play with orca a bit. 
I noticed that when I tab through the top gnome-panel, everything is fine till I seemingly "tab off" the right edge. After this happens, the top panel stops speaking, and continues not speaking till I log out.
I was trying to get more of an idea what happened, or exactly what component in the panel was causing the problem. I pressed control+f10 and got some sort of window menu where one of the options was "delete panel". I did that thinking I could delete the panel, and then logout and back in again and the panel would be back. Of course, this is not the case.
Question: does anyone know how to  get my top gnome panel back?
I looked in bugzilla, and there was a blocked bug talking something about notification area in the gnome panel. Is this what I've been running into? I thought the notification area was in the bottom panel.  I've heard orca say "notification area" when tabbing through the bottom panel. I can't seem to get any more info when I tab to this notification area, but it doesn't freeze orca and I can simply tab right on past it.  This was not the case with the top panel. As soo as I tabbed into the bad zone on that panel, orca just refused to speak anything more on the top panel. I could still use  alt+f1 to get the menu, but control+alt+tab onto the top panel and tab or arrowing around spoke nothing. Now, of course, the panel isn't there anymore, so alt+control+tab cycles between desktop, and bottom panel.
-- Rich

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