[orca-list] looking for the executable for open office writer.


Sorry. I'm sure this is a really basic question but I need a pointer
because I'm not even sure if the application has installed correctly.

To pass some time early on Saturday morning when I really should have
been a lot more producctive, I decided to install the latest version
of open office from openoffice.org onto Ubuntu 7.4.

It gave out about conflicts with the previous version but after
uninstalling the suite, it installed happily.

However, as I kind of expected,  the open office apps are not located
in the office menu in Gnome.

Open office is also not shown as installed in the gnome-app-install
application however I kind of expect this as I assume this is just
reporting on the applications available in the installed repositories.

I'm not at that machine right now but from what I remember, dpkg -l
openoffice shows that it is installed.

Any suggestions as to where I could check for the open office writer
application for example?

What is that executable called?


And I'm sorry I'm still screwing up my system.


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