Re: [orca-list] Orca dialogs not available after logging in

Hi David:

It may be that nothing has focus when you first log in. As a result of this, the AT-SPI infrastructure is unable to capture any keyboard events, resulting in Orca not knowing anything is happening. :-(

If you press Alt+Tab, do you get any speech?


David E. Price wrote:

Just after I log in on my system, I can't get to either of the two Orca dialog boxes (preferences or quit). Pressing orca-key + spacebar or orca-key + q has no effect. However, if I open up an application (e.g., gnome-terminal), then the orca dialog boxes will appear when the appropriate keys are pressed. Is anyone else seeing this behavior? I am running Ubuntu Gutsy, gnome 2.20.0, and Orca from svn, branch 2.20, rev. 3162 (today). dave


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